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More than forty years after Deep Throat arrived on the cultural scene and inspired a sexual revolution, questions about the ethics of pornography and its impact on society are still being asked.

I was only three years old in 1974 when my father, Anthony Battista, was indicted by the federal government for distributing the now famous porn film Deep Throat. The stress drove my mother, Frances Battista, to worry endlessly if her husband would be put in jail. She became so depressed that she attempted suicide.

I survived this family trauma to live a surprisingly normal life. But instead of leaving the past behind me, I developed a burning curiosity to understand my family's history. Why did the federal government so vehemently prosecute this case? And why did my father get involved in distributing this notorious porn film in the first place?

The Pornographer's Daughter is an insider's glimpse into the events that made Deep Throat and pornography so popular, as well as what it was like to come of age against the backdrop of the pornography business.

Published by Skyhorse Publishing in the fall of 2014 and currently optioned by Boundary Stone Films to develop a TV series. 

Jay Cassell, Editorial Director,  Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
307 W 36th Street, 11th Floor | New York,  NY 10018
(212) 643-6816 x 266,

Craig Kayser, Kayser Pierce Literary Agency
P.O. Box 86 Chapel Hill, NC  27514
(919) 370-1008,