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Author of The Pornographer's Daughter providing commentary on pornography, life and much more.

A Few Words

Kristin Battista-Frazee


While working on my memoir, The Pornographer’s Daughter, there have been a few words people have said to me that have made a big impact. It’s hard to believe a collection of small phrases shaped my path to publishing but it did.  Some things weren’t easy to hear and invaded my thoughts with doubt, but others words made me believe anything was possible. All the words were valuable and necessary.

In the past few weeks my project took a major step forward when I signed a book deal with Skyhorse Publishing and my story was optioned to be sold as a TV series. Often times this has been a frustrating journey,  but a wonderful experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have met great people and learned a lot. Here are a few words that inspired me along the way.

My writing group; Molly Mahoney Matthews, Janet Hall Warner, Kelly Hand, Donna Drew Sawyer and David Bonck, always said, “just keep writing.”  They provided the best guidance, sounding board and collective wisdom to help me keep this project going. They are each gifted writers and I am so fortunate to have found them.

Jeannie Campbell, my former supervisor at the National Council said once, “you seem to like to write but need some help here.”    She recognized my potential and the importance of investing in her employees and sent me to a writing class at The Writer’s Center.

At the Writer’s Center, I met Rick Walter, a writing teacher who told me, “I think this (book concept) is sellable.” Something just clicked and I decided I wasn’t going to stop until I published this book.  His early encouragement set me on the right path.

Another great teacher from The Writer’s Center, Barbara Esstman often said, “just write a good book and the rest will fall into place.”  She was so right.

My literary agent, Craig Kayser, who said when we first met at a writer’s conference, “I think it’s (the book concept) got legs.” I had a great story to tell when I met Craig but he made me a great storyteller and a true writer. I’m grateful for his insight, intelligence and devotion to this project. And also for the times he told me, “this isn’t very good.” It only made the writing better.

Gabe Doppelt, West Cost Bureau Chief, The Daily Beast, gave me my first writing gig. “Let’s see how many eyeballs we can give to your project,” she told me. This opportunity was a turning point.

Thanks to Gabe Doppelt, Steve Barnett found my articles in The Daily Beast.  In his first email to me, he said, “Are the TV/Film rights available? I would like to develop it as a high quality cable series, a la MAD MEN.” His clear vision and thoughtfulness for how this story could/should be told added a new dimension to this work.

Skyhorse Publishing and Holly Rubino said, “Yes.”

And now more thanks to……

Many of my friends and family who asked countless times, “how’s the book coming along?” Your sincere interest and support was so appreciated.  Your emails, likes, retweets and comments on my blog posts, gave me hope that my story was interesting and your engagement meant the world to me.

My family who said, “writing this book is great idea.” You’re all such wonderful, colorful characters, which has made writing this story easy (in some regard).  I hope this book makes you proud.

Special thanks to Chris Conrad, Danny Miller, Theresa Flynt, Belisa Vranich, Kelley Wyatt Mautz, Barbie Blake, Susan Brosnahan Capitano, Julie Williams Neuls, Kristine Veskosky Malegni, Shelley Newham Sheeves, Sean Flynn, Duncan Stroup, Chris Saunier, Stacie Henderson, Maria Parrotto, Jerry Parrotto, Sam Parrotto, Dolores Giesman, Connie Parrotto Hudson, Angie Battista, Chris Battista, Eric Danville, Jeremy Hawkins, Tara Fort, Brian Scott Gross, Morwenna Ferrier, Jon Catt and Christina Doxstader for the many words of encouragement.

Also thanks to Daniel M, jessica drake, Stormy Daniels, Joanna Angel, Kaylani Lei, Alektra Blue and Alexis Texas for sharing with me lots of impactful words to create great articles.

Fabulous work colleagues who have said, “what an awesome story,” and “I would love to read your book.”   You taught me a tremendous amount that has helped to create, tell and promote this story  and made every day of my work life worthwhile.

My parents, Anthony Battista and Frances Battista Bashor, who always said, “I’m proud of you,” and without them there would be no story to tell. They shared with me things you don’t really want to tell your daughter. It was brave and an act of love for them to let me tell our story.

Most importantly, for the words of love and support from my husband, Brian Frazee, and my daughter and the hundreds of hours they let me steal away from their lives to write.  I don’t think there are enough words to say thank you.

Those mentioned here took the time (some of you lots of time) to provide a platform for my story and great advice in shaping my path to publishing, and a few of your words created something big.  I’m sure your support will help me sell lots of books, too, so thanks!