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Author of The Pornographer's Daughter providing commentary on pornography, life and much more.

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Food Porn

Kristin Battista-Frazee



This country is obsessed with food as is evident from the success of the Food Network, Internet sites and magazines which are dedicated to featuring decadently prepared meals and desserts. I have to confess, I even look forward to my friends’ posts and pictures on Facebook about their tasty fare (that means you Chip Mautz). All these outlets provide us steady access to food porn and best captures our sinful high caloric desires, just as porn encourages our sexual fantasies. Now that it is the holiday eating season, it’s interesting to see how our relationship with food goes into overdrive. I’m convinced the holidays are not just about spending time with loved ones but to pig out. From now until the start of the New Year, we meticulously shop, cook and travel for food pimped out with extra butter, whipped cream and chocolate. We watch the Food Network with more intent and experience many nights of feeling uncomfortably full, followed by the guilt for eating too much. As an Italian, I’m all for the eating and I love sausage stuffing, raviolis, Christmas Eve dinner of seven fishes and pizzelle cookies. This makes the holidays memorable for me and seems no different than the cravings of porn around Valentine’s Day that make this day more fun and exciting.  I’ve noticed everyone handles the excesses around the holidays differently, and as much as I indulge, I also strike a balance with my eating habits. I read the “Food Porn” column in the Nutrition Action Newsletter (my mother-in-law would be proud) which is a great source of information about healthy food. Every month I flip to the back cover and look for the big thumbs down picture to check out what not to eat. They pan the really bad stuff like TGIF’s frozen appetizers, which is warranted because that stuff shouldn’t even be considered food, but sometimes they bash a delicious treat and, for better or worse, this maligning peaks my curiosity.

Like recently the newsletter dissed Cold Stone Creamery’s Churro Caramel Crave with the fried dough smothered in vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and caramel. It sounds great and I can’t wait to try it despite the “Food Porn” warning. But I know you can’t eat ice cream everyday without health consequences and that’s why I’m not 300 pounds. It raises the question, when does our holiday eating, a shopping spree, one too many drinks at a party or watching a porn flick become a problem?  It’s sometimes difficult to make the distinction and while it’s not bad to indulge, for some people it’s just too hard.

Those who struggle with addiction can’t easily have their favorite things, and this time of year can be torturous for them.  While we are celebrating, they face their temptations and struggle to maintain balance and sobriety.  I think this article, Conquering Food Addiction, sums up a reasonable philosophy that can be applied to all kinds of addictions. Michael Prager, author of “Fat Boy, Thin Man,” said, “When I found out I had an illness, I took responsibility to make it better, I have no respect for people who use [their addiction] as a crutch."  I think this is so true, although I know it’s sometimes hard for people to take that first step to seek help.

So while you’re eating that extra piece of pie and indulging in the things that make life and this holiday season just that much more enjoyable, the old saying “everything in moderation” (and this includes porn too) still holds true!

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The 'Everything in Moderation' Myth

Anthony Bourdain; No Reservations Food Porn Episode

Dad’s Spaghetti and Clams

Kristin Battista-Frazee

Being Italian American has its delicious perks and food has always been important for my family. It seems fitting since I’m sharing my family stories with all of you to also share my parents' great recipes on this blog. They are both fantastic cooks.  Phone conversations with my mother often revolve around what she's cooking. When my dad visits he sometimes takes charge of cooking a big Sunday meal. It reminds me of the days when my grandparents gathered the family together around a dinner table. The below recipe my father learned from my grandfather Antonio. I hope you like this. Mangia! Dad’s Spaghetti and Clams

(serves 8-10)

50 top neck clams

2 to 3 cups olive oil

2 bulbs garlic

One bunch of Italian parsley

2 lbs of spaghetti (do not salt cooking water)

Coat the bottom of a big pot with olive oil and chopped garlic. Chop one bunch of Italian parsley including the stems (they have vitamin C and tons of flavor) and set aside.  

Scrub the clams vigorously under cold water to clean sand and dirt off the shells.  Place clams in the pot, sprinkle parsley on the top.  Turn burner on medium heat and cover pot to steam the clams. This will take about an hour.

Once the shells open, remove the clams (watch this video) and place is a separate bowl. Discard any unopened clams.

Clams steamed open

Reserve all liquid remaining in the pot. Cut clams into quarters (watch this videoand place in a colander. Rinse clams (watch this video) and then return to pot. Bring to a light boil.  

Place cooked spaghetti in the pot to combine with clam sauce, then pour into a large serving bowl.  Sprinkle grated cheese and red crushed pepper to taste.  You can serve this with a caprese salad. See my first taste. Enjoy!

Porn ‘n Pizzelles

Kristin Battista-Frazee

The topics pornography and pizzelles are not connected but in my mind inextricably linked and remind me of my Grandma Maria. I know sounds strange, right? Let me explain. My grandmother is NOT in the porn industry but she is an indelible part of my family’s story during the Deep Throat days. She went to see the movie Deep Throat and visited my dad’s strip club the Golden 33. She was on a relentless pursuit to protect her family and do her own investigation and understand first hand what her son-in-law was up to. She is tough, smart and any son-in-law’s worst nightmare.  I still marvel at my grandmother’s progressive and even eccentric ways. A perfect example of her eccentricity was her pet ocelot Kitty. This South American jungle cat lived with her in the heart of the city. I feel fortunate to have this larger than life character in my family. Grandma Maria is also intertwined with all my Christmas memories. Even after we moved to Florida we always spent the holidays at Grandma Maria’s house in South Philadelphia. Every year my Grandpa Frank was in charge of making her Italian pizzelle cookie recipe. Grandpa Frank would lock Kitty in a cabinet (no joke) so I could come into the kitchen to watch him labor with the hand blender to combine the dough and patiently press individual cookies in the pizzelle iron. It took forever to make the hundreds of cookies my family would devour within a couple of hours on Christmas day. I still make these cookies every Christmas and the smell of anise takes me back to the many holidays spent in Grandma Maria’s kitchen watching my grandfather make these cookies.  So in honor of my grandparents I am sharing Grandma Maria’s pizzelle recipe with all of you. You need a pizzelle iron to make them and can find this tool in any department store. Mangia! 

Makes 70-75 pizzelles

1 ¼ cups of sugar

6 eggs

4 teaspoons of baking powder

2 tablespoons of anise oil or extract (World Market carries this)

2 sticks of butter or margarine

3 cups of flour

Melt butter and set aside to cool

Beat the eggs with hand blender or standing mixer and add sugar gradually

Add cooled butter

Add Anise

Add flour and baking soda

Coat the inside of the pizzelle iron with cooking spray.

On a pre-heated pizzelle iron place a tablespoon in the center and press.

You will have to experiment with the heat of the iron as to how long to cook.

To remove use a fork to peal the cookie off and place flat on a counter to cool.

Happy Holidays!