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Personal Brand


Personal Brand Coaching and Presentations

Specific support and presentations for social workers and non-profit professionals. I provide one-on-one coaching and offer presentations for your staff or students. 

Workshop or Presentation

Presentations cover the following:

  • Overview about personal brand discovery.
  • Developing your value proposition, position statement, personal brand statement and elevator pitch.
  • How to promote your brand on social media, with specific focus on LinkedIn. 
  • How your personal brand impacts an organizational brand. 
  • Resources and readings about personal brand development.
My interview with Dolph Goldenberg about personal branding and The Pornographer's Daughter.

My interview with Dolph Goldenberg about personal branding and The Pornographer's Daughter.

"I have been working with Kristin as a #MacroSW chat partner for over two years. While I have always been impressed with Kristin's expertise, professionalism, and collaborative team-building skills, I was absolutely thrilled when she spoke to my BSW course on personal and professional branding. She created a visually appealing and memorable PowerPoint presentation, compiled a very informative list of LinkedIn and branding resources for my students, and presented to my class via Google Hangout. My students learned a great deal and one even received a job offer after making changes to her LinkedIn profile using Kristin's advice! Not only is Kristin amazing in her nonprofit work, she is also a joy to collaborate with. I recommend her highly!"

Karen Zgoda, MSW, LCSW, ABD, Instructor, Researcher, Editor


I offer an evaluation to get your personal brand on track and guidance for how to promote yourself to the outside world.  My services include:

  • 30 minute kick-off session with feedback on your current personal brand and discussion about your goals for further brand development. 
  • Assignment of worksheet and recommended readings to identify your strengths and challenges, core values, target audiences and crafting an elevator pitch and tagline.
  • After your worksheet is complete, one hour conference call session to receive feedback.
  • Written recommendations and step-by-step promotional plan for your brand provided at the end of the consultation.
Bi-monthly column with The New Social Worker Magazine.   Read the latest articles. 

Bi-monthly column with The New Social Worker Magazine. Read the latest articles. 

"It was relief to have Kristin’s support when exploring all the details of my expertise. This coaching was reassuring and helped me focus on my strengths. My biggest surprise throughout this process is I confirmed many positive things I already knew about myself and realized my varied interests and skills were an asset."  

Sunya Folayan, MSW, LMFT, PhD. Candidate
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